Youth Empowerment: Leaders Create Leaders

Young Africans are increasingly motivated as many innovations are taking place on the continent. Today, the world is so competitive that young Africans must be able to live up to expectations. The most important reform needed on the continent is the creation of an environment that fosters the development of the skills young people need to have a significant competitive edge on the job market. In this respect, mentor-ship is a fundamental component of youth empowerment in Africa.

Achieving Youth Empowerment Through The Right Skills Set

According to UNESCO, more than 60% of the African population is under 35 years old. These young adults need help to unleash their true potential to the benefit of the continent’s development. Many young Africans are eager to make a difference. If they are given the right tools, they can solve Africa biggest’s issues.

There are a lot of opportunities across the continent but tapping into those opportunities requires specific skills. Therefore, leadership on the continent must take significant steps to promote mentor-ship programs for young Africans. Their emergence depends on their skills set. This underscores the necessity to invest on skills.

Achieving Youth Empowerment Through Mentor-ship

Mentor-ship is essential to maintain and enhance the skills of young people seeking excellence in the various fields in which they operate. It helps support the learning and development of new employees and leaders. More companies and institutions are embracing the concept of mentor-ship as a professional development tool that allows for improvement in efficiency, productivity, knowledge and leadership skills.

Mentor-ship is a tool of professional ascension, allowing the mentee to draw on the experiences of their mentor. These features make mentor-ship a vehicle for supporting young people and enable them to accelerate their growth. We can amplify he chances of success of young Africans in their different fields of expertise with the help of good mentors.

To Wrap It All Up

It is undeniable that great ideas and hard work are important for entrepreneurial success but having a mentor is the key factor of the success of any entrepreneurial journey. We all need someone more experienced in our corner to help us navigate the road ahead so we are ready when an opportunity comes. A well-designed entor-ship program is effective and impactful . Its primary goal is to make a difference in the lives of the mentees. It has to be a two-way process of sharing of experiences and knowledge.

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